"We are governed not by armies, but by ideas." –Mona Caird




Connected Communities are the catalyst for a vibrant city. I have spent decades connecting the valuable resources of our city neighborhoods, partnering with community groups, area activists, and businesses.

I will continue to create:

  • Expanded employment for youth and mentorship
  • Build alternative citywide recreation and health connections 
  • Develop programs for a safer and more beautiful environment


Entrepreneurship is capable of bringing together the funds, materials, facilities, and labor to create a product or service. Our city is a wellspring of innovation that can become the spark plug in our city’s economy.

I will work to build:

  • Innovation in all areas of the city; creating different avenues of commerce to combat poverty and unemployment
  • Programs to support public-private partnerships for innovators and visionaries to create job opportunities
  • Encourage youth entrepreneur programming



Creative Capital is the relationship of ingenuity and commerce and provides us the means to exploit the business of our creative communities with arts & culture as the glue. Creative Capital can become the magnet to attract and retain a skilled and innovative workforce.

I will strive to:

  • Strengthen connections between the tourism industry and local businesses
  • Encourage links among organizations, businesses, and creatives to collectively be engaged in the process of place making
  • Create cultural hubs in our city’s neighborhoods