"We are governed not by armies, but by ideas." –Mona Caird




Connected Communities are the catalyst for a vibrant city. I have spent decades connecting the valuable resources of our city neighborhoods; partnering with community groups, area activists, and businesses.

I will continue to:

  • Expand employment for youth and mentorship
  • Build alternative citywide recreation and health connections 
  • Develop programs for a safer and more beautiful environment


Entrepreneurship is capable of bringing together the funds, materials, facilities, and labor to create a product or service. Our city is a wellspring of innovation that can become the spark plug in our city’s economy.

I will work to:

  • Foster innovation in all areas of the city; creating different avenues of commerce to combat poverty and unemployment
  • Support public-private partnerships for innovators and visionaries to create local job opportunities
  • Stimulate youth entrepreneur programming



Creative Capital is the relationship of ingenuity and commerce and provides us the means to exploit the business of our creative communities with arts & culture as the glue. Creative Capital can become the magnet to attract and retain a skilled and innovative workforce.

I will strive to:

  • Strengthen connections between the tourism industry and local businesses
  • Encourage links among organizations, businesses, and creatives to collectively be engaged in the process of Placemaking
  • Create cultural hubs in our city’s neighborhoods

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation can create jobs, stimulate the local economy, and preserve and protect our natural resources. I have worked to mitigate and adapt through urban farming in the Fruit Belt (Orange and Grape Streets) and through support of local renewable efforts that benefit City residents.

I will sustain and grow:

  • The current Council’s support of Rochester’s Climate Action Plan
  • Our City’s commitment to both renewable energy and carbon emission reduction
  • Strategies for implementing climate mitigation and adaptation education efforts in our schools and neighborhoods


STEAM Education for our children and residents is critical to advancing our City’s regional, state, and national footprint as a leader in both K-12 Education and a highly trained workforce. As an artist, the value of STEAM is present in every project I work on and every canvas I touch. My unique perspective on this allows for me to create new methodologies for enhancing and supporting how our City Council facilitates greater inclusion of STEAM in all aspects of City planning.

I will continue to:

  • Engage in hands-on education of youth
  • Design programs that are STEAM-inclusive
  • Utilize the fundamentals of STEAM to shape our City’s workforce development for jobs of the future that are here today


Energy Reform is an ongoing statewide effort to transform not just our technology, but our utilization of energy itself. I have actively followed the Reforming Energy Vision plan, and I have strongly supported its goals of 40% greenhouse gas reduction from 1990 levels, 50% generation of electricity from renewable energy resources, and 23% decrease in energy consumption in buildings from 2012, all by 2030.

In order to have Rochester be a statewide leader in this transition, as your City Councilman I will design and pass legislation to:

  • Adopt and utilize the Unified Solar Permitting system
  • Grow and support local worker-owned cooperatives and union businesses working in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Adopt and utilize PACE financing to decrease the cost of renewable energy installations for small businesses in the City of Rochester